Considering Whether Shutters or Blinds Are Best for Your Windows


Are you thinking about changing your window coverings? The technique you choose to cover your windows is a big decision. It may certainly transform the look of your space and prove to be a long-term investment. The advantages of two of the most popular window coverings, shutters and blinds, will be discussed here. This should […]

Blinds vs. Shutters: 5 Important Things You Should Know


There are so many window coverings that it makes it tricky to finalize which one’s best for your home. The most common dilemma among homeowners is going for blinds or shutters.  Blinds are slats of fabric attached to a window with hinges, while shutters are solid panels with a more durable frame. These terms are […]

The Main Differences between Vinyl and Aluminum Blinds


The average person may not be able to notice this, but there are actually two main types of window blinds, namely, vinyl and aluminum. Both of them come from different materials. So, the ones you choose should be based on your preferences, needs, and even your budget. But if you’re wondering about their variations, then […]

Maintain Your Blinds with These Convenient Care Tips


Our homes depend on doors, windows, and other access points to connect us to the outside world. That also means they allow dust from the outside world to enter our homes. So, the cleanliness of any home starts with cleaning the window coverings and blinds. Here’s how you can keep these connections to the outside […]

Selecting the Best Window Coverings That Save Energy

Window Coverings

Windows are vital in every structure, especially houses. However, they lose a significant amount of a home’s heating energy. A considerable portion of the sunshine that falls on ordinary double-pane windows is converted to heat during the summer. Operable window coverings allow you to keep them open or closed for privacy. They also allow you […]

Debunking 5 Common Motorized Window Treatment Myths


For many years, many myths surrounding motorized window treatments have been formed and perpetuated. They have been a great source of confusion among homeowners and window treatment professionals alike. But perhaps, with more technological advancement and better products, some of those myths can be debunked. Let’s take the first step by disproving some of the […]

5 Stylish and Custom Window Blinds For Your Kitchen

blinds in the kitchen

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing kitchen blinds and window treatments. Practicality must meet beauty with kitchen-based window blinds, from the color of the room to the function of the blinds. But what are the greatest kitchen window blinds and shades? And how do you decide which items belong in your home? Here, […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Motorized Window Treatments

woman controlling motorized window shades

Smart window treatments are a great way to control your home’s heat gain and loss, whether manually or automatically. Motorized window treatments often include additional features, such as learning when they should open and close based on temperature and sunlight. However, the benefits of these smart window treatments go beyond energy savings; here’s a look […]

5 Things to Consider before Ordering Window Blinds

window blind

Window blinds are essential to keep your home from the blinding light that enters your home. They are a great way to cover up your windows, so the next time the sun comes blazing down, you can enjoy the light without the heat. They can also help keep windows open without letting the sun fade […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Install Cellular Shades

living room

When it comes to choosing and installing new blinds, Las Vegas residents have a lot of alternatives. Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are popular because of their superior insulating capabilities. Having your cellular shades installed by a blinds business will ensure that they last long. If you’re considering buying custom shades in Las […]